Janet Schill -

One of the things I have noticed the most about the photo sessions that I have been doing lately is that the parents are afraid or embarrassed that their kids will not behave or that they won't smile for the camera.  Don't worry, I've seen it all.  Your child is not unique in this aspect and I work hard to make sure we get some awesome shots.  I'll be honest and tell you that I cannot guaranty smiles in every photo but I do the silliest things to get the kids to engaged with camera hoping to get a few giggles out of them.  And actually I like some of the photos with the more thoughtful looks.  After all, you want to remember everything about your child.  

 I love capturing kids in a natural setting doing what they do best, being kids. But here in ND our weather doesn't always permit that. I have a full service studio in my home for those nasty days and the preferred formal portraits.  For families and teenagers I bring portable lighting on location so I can create awesome and dramatic lighting almost anywhere, any time of day.